Till Death Us Do Part?
A tale of Marriage, Motherhood and Murder!​​

The Show

Till Death Us Do Part?

A man is murdered at a wedding but whodunnit? Three women have both motive and means... and the audience is asked to choose the murderess in this original musical comedy about marriage, motherhood and murder.

 The Secret Divorce Society has been formed to discuss the age-old question, “Should I stay or should he go?” 

The show is entirely comprised of original music written and performed by the cast and is designed with an adult audience in mind.   

The Music 

The show has a range of comedic, warm and funny songs in different musical styles to appeal to all tastes, including tango, country, musical theatre and pop.

Fred plays piano in the show and the cast provide other musical accompaniment along the way, such as flute, clarinet, violin and ukulele.

Original Songs include:

I Love You But I Hate You In A Thousand Different Ways
The Good Is Inside Us
'Til Death Us Do Part?
What'll We Do
The Thrill Of The Kill
​Break Free

Running Time

1 hour

We are doing a part-run (as part of the paid fringe) at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2018 at Paradise in the Vault: The Annexe.

Preview is on Friday 3rd August and shows will be on 4-11th August 2018 inclusive

Tickets available : Edinburgh Tickets

Time: 5.15pm (Preview show at 8.25pm)