The Secret Divorce Society 

We comprise of three women in their thirties and forties who really are married with kids/married and bored/divorced and dating and it is that twinkle of truth that audiences respond to, along with that fact that middle-aged women (and men) are thinking these things, but daren’t say them out loud!

Seasoned cabaret performers in their own right, this dynamic trio have now joined forces to create even more fun, laughter and intrigue on stage together!


Bobbi founded and runs The Secret Divorce Society, a bespoke service for well to do women to plot how to escape thier unhappy marriages, all under the guise of a luncheon club! She is also a pianist on the side. She has a secret past that has come back to haunt her, but does she really have a motive to commit this murder?

Fred (Birgitta Kenyon) trained as a Concert Pianist at the Royal Academy of Music, and due to a low boredom threshold has re-trained multiple times over the ensuing decades, most notably in Musical Theatre and Cabaret. She also runs "The Voice Squad", and has arranged/ written copious quantities of vocal music, from comedy solo songs to full-scale choral works and musicals.

Fred is not married and lives all over the place.
Bobbi -
A Girl Called Fred

Sally is currently on husband number 4. What happened to the previous three is a mystery. She has a low boredom threshold and looks for ways to spice up life by searching for ways to kill a man online, but does she have the bottle to go through with it?

Celia Delaney trained at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts in Acting & Musical Theatre but these days is better known as a musical comedian. She produces original and witty songs and written and performed three solo shows: Man Wanted!, Man Found!, Man for Sale! and has performed in Exeter, London and Edinburgh. She appeared in Bants & Rants as part of 4-woman comedy show that sold out a Saturday night at Reading Fringe Festival and works professionally as a comedian and MC and entertaining speaker.

Celia is married and lives in London.

Sally - 
Celia Delaney

Mary -
Tamasine Kimber
Mary is the perfect corporate wife. Her husband works in the city doing goodness knows what, but earns enough to keep her in nice shoes. She has three children, all under the age of 5 and is slowly going mad with the insanity of it all. Could she have been driven over the edge to kill?

Tamasine Kimber trained as a Musical Theatre actress many moons ago and has a Fellowship from the London College of Music. She spent her early 20's singing and dancing her way through shows. Since having her children, she has established a very sucessful performing arts teaching career, running her own performing arts academy alongside being a head of drama at a Surrey prep school and teaching singing on a one to one basis. She retrained in cabaret a few years ago and has enjoyed performing her one woman shows 'The Girl in the Red Shoes' and 'The Girl in the Red Shoes Strikes Back' at venues such as The Pheasantry and Brasserie Toulouse Lautrec. She is regulary asked to perform at showcases for up and coming composers and is occassional host of West End Wendies open mic night.

Tamasine is happily married with 2 boys, aged 8 and 11 and lives in Surrey.